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49ers 2012 Offseason Needs: Let The Debate Begin

The offseason is upon us, which means it is time to assess where the team can stand to improve and where they can stand pat as they look to build on 2011. The 49ers came a few bounces away from the Super Bowl, and while that is a huge step forward, there are areas to improve to make sure the team gets to and wins Lombardi Trophy number six.

I am using this week to start structuring the offseason as far as what we will be covering leading up to free agency and the draft. While I have my own ideas of the teams needs and the other writers do as well, I wanted to get your feedback before we get going. The front page staff will have posts on various positions of importance, but I am curious what everybody thinks are the most important positions to address.

Over the last two years we've used a poll designed by Chris Pokorny of Dawgs By Nature. I'm bringing it back again in 2012 and we're going to start by using it to vote on what positions you think need to be addressed in 2012. The options read a little funny, but if you read them closely you can figure out what you are voting for on the poll. The poll is after the jump and what I need you to do is rank what you think are the top five positions. We'll have a new poll after a day or two of this one to further generate the ranked list.

I did not include positions like kicker, punter and fullback since those would seem to be positions the 49ers will not address in free agency or the draft. Also, the poll mentions the draft, but it's more just meant in general heading into the offseason, so just vote accordingly. Finally, please just vote once.