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The Brutal Transition: From NFC Championship to the Offseason

I would like to propose a topic for conversation - a topic which, I think, will divide the readership here into two groups. And, I am really curious what both sides will say. So, consider this comment-starter my sick experiment on you little readers. Muahahahaha!

A common motif in my sports writing, as I'm sure you all have noticed, is frequent references to my age. My opinions and emotions as a fan are clearly shaped by my age, and as such, the transition into this offseason has been abrupt and unusual for me. I was 13 in 2003, and while I remember the game, I was still too young. Much too young.

In regards to this offseason, I suspect there will be two camps:

The first camp, like myself, is made of us youngsters, who really only know what playoff success is based upon this season. Sure, we remember the late-Young / Garcia years, but that is more a memory than an experience. For us, the offseason has come up very quickly. We are used to preparing for the draft at this point, having picked out our favorite prospects and memorized the more likely ones to be actually be available. I feel like I just walked out of a fog and into clarity and I'm a whole month off. Oh, January Football, you truly were a delight.

The other camp, perhaps, has a more holistic view of the Franchise. For our older fans, the playoffs were such regular events that it seemed like the season only started in January. I imagine that for you guys and gals, this January has been more akin to brushing off the dust and rust. Yeah, maybe things were a bit weird after so many (many many many many) years of no playoffs, but it was pretty easy to go back to the glory days.

So, what camp are you in and what else would you add to these two conceptions of transitioning to the offseason?