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Golden Nuggets: Our Coach Is Less Immature Than Your Coach .. So There!

I stop paying attention to links for a couple days and suddenly everything is about whether or not Jim Harbaugh is an 11-year-old. What's the deal with this? I guess it's just Lowell Cohn being himself, but he's got Kawkami and Purdy in on it too and, well, let me just say that I haven't even a tiny, minuscule amount of [site decorum] to give. If Harbaugh is an 11-year-old then Jim Schwartz is six and I don't care as long as he knows how to coach. Just gonna move on to the quick linkage for the day, folks.

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Council Rejects Santa Clara 49er Petition (

2011-2012 grades (

Rogers tells Jim Rome about Williams' death threats: 'I don't get into Facebook, whatever book is out there, Twitter'(

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