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Joe Staley, Donte Whitner Give You Plenty Of Reason To Get On Twitter

Although the next six months will at times seem to drag on, NN's goal is to at least give you some decent discussion topics. The 49ers will have quite a bit on their plate over the next few months, so for some stretches their will be no shortage of discussion topics.

However, if you are looking to get some entertainment elsewhere, I cannot possibly recommend twitter enough. While the social media outlet is far from perfect, the entertainment value continues to climb. It has become a key source for breaking news with all the major media players tweeting news before they post about it, but the random entertainment value of twitter continues to inspire.

If you are not on Twitter, you are missing out on Donte Whitner's efforts to register for classes at San Jose State. Joe Staley will be at the Pro Bowl this weekend and there will apparently be a twitter-friendly zone for players to shoot out tweets during the game. Normally players cannot tweet immediately before, during or immediately after games, but the NFL is making an exception for the Pro Bowl. Staley is looking for things to tweet about during the game, so feel free to hit him up @jstaley74.

Twitter can be incredibly mindless at times and there are some crazy people out there. However, with the power to pick and choose who you want to follow, I can't recommend it enough. It really is the place to go for breaking news at this point. If you decide to join, you can follow @ninersnation. It tweets out all the posts, but it is also good for re-tweeting rumors and news and engaging in shorter, quick discussion.

Need one more reason to join Twitter? You can follow Jose Canseco's sad but sometimes humorous battle to get back into Major League Baseball. It's not related to the 49ers but it's pretty amusing and sad all at the same time.