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Let's Throw Around Some Pro Bowl Expectations

I like to use humor in my sports writing, and there really is no better joke than the Pro Bowl. Seriously, check this out.

Wanna here a joke? Pro Bowl. Hook, line, sinker, and punch line. Try it on your friends. It's pretty easy. Just, Pro Bowl. I'm a hit at parties, now. It's way better than my other joke about how Sallust may have left his archaic writing style in the geo-political oven a little too long resulting in a historical style that's a bit too "Crispus!" Hahahaha! Oh what a laugher.

But seriously, I used to think the Pro Bowl was a joke. Last year's was pretty, well, funny. When people complain that the NFL is taking out all the big hits from football, just tell them to watch the 2011 Pro Bowl. But this year? Well, this year, I am pretty excited about the Bowl of Professionals.

Why? The entire NFC roster is made up of 49ers. Seriously. Look it up in your gut. You know it to be true. I am particularly pumped that Justin Smith gets to play, though. The guy is a beast and doesn't get enough attention. I know that I just wrote a sentence which every single Niner fan has written the last couple of years; doesn't mean it's not true.

And here's the reason why you all should rec the crap out of this article: I could watch Andy Lee and David Akers kick the ball all day long. One more day this year for awesome Special Teams? Yeah, I'll take it.

What are all of your expectations for the Pro Bowl? Do share.