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Aldon Smith Arrested For DUI

Fooch's Note: You can do a search for more info on his status at a Miami-Dade county website. I've posted his mugshot after the jump. At least he doesn't have a stupid grin on his face like we see with some idiots that get DUIs.

Well, this is not how we wanted to start the 2012 offseason. Rookie standout Aldon Smith was arrested in Miami last night and booked with driving under the influence. He was booked at 9:32am ET this morning with bond listed at $1,000. No word on when/if he posted bond although I've got to think if he's not out yet, he'll be out shortly.

Given how recent this event was, there is no word from the 49ers, yet. There is no additional information at this point, but we'll keep an eye out for more details and statements from the various parties involved (Smith, 49ers, police).

It's safe to say based on his final tweet from last night that he probably should've just gone to sleep (h/t to mikinsp for that line).