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NFL Pro Bowl 2012: Battling For Bucks

While professional athletes do make big bucks, you generally don't hear them talk about playing for money or the importance of the money. In fact, they generally try and do the opposite, talking about how it's not about the money and how they play for the love of the game and so forth.

For one day, we get a little bit of refreshing honesty. The 2012 Pro Bowl gets going in just a little bit and players are more than willing to acknowledge that this game is in fact about the money. 49ers long snapper Brian Jennings conducted some interviews earlier in the week and had a great one with Andy Lee. Jennings asked Lee about his expectations for the game and Lee said he hopes the NFC doesn't punt because if they don't punt they're probably playing well, and if they win they get paid more.

The 49ers are well-represented this week, even with some guys dropping out. As should be expected, the 49ers have a host of defensive players with Justin Smith and Patrick Willis leading the way. Joe Staley is the primary offensive player with Frank Gore sitting out. And then of course, special teams is well represented. It is interesting to note that the 49ers and Raiders both sent their kickers, punters and long snappers. Both teams have their punter hold on field goals and extra points, so it is not surprising the long snappers are making the trip.

If you're jones'ing for some football, the Pro Bowl will be broadcast on NBC, with kickoff scheduled for just after 4:00pm PT. If you don't have access to a television, the game will be streamed online through as well. The Super Bowl will also be streamed online as the NFL makes a little bit more live content available online. It sure would be nice if they figured out more options for viewing regular season games online.