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Golden Nuggets: Apparently Some Find Jim Harbaugh Boring

Good morning, everybody. When I do my perusal of the Internet for 49ers content, be it for posts, the times I do the Nuggets, or even just for my own personal edification, there are a mix of writers I like to read and others that I don't like to read. Sometimes, even though I dislike a given writer's style, I still force myself to read it just because it can be a challenge that keeps me on my toes.

I had a chance to read over Lowell Cohn's latest article for the Press Democrat. His latest article is about how he finds Jim Harbaugh boring and sometimes rude. He does try to make it out like a compliment of Harbaugh's style, but it comes across as a bit too whiny for my taste. I don't know if it's a schtick or what, but Lowell continues to do his thing. My main contention actually comes when he talks about how coaches think they are involved in life or death situations. While I would agree they are not involved in world-altering work, these do happen to be their jobs and for them it is a sort of "life or death" situation. When it comes to an individual's profession, I'm not sure it's a fair judgment.

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