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2012 NFL Playoff Tickets: Where To Find More 49ers Divisional Round Tickets

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In some not so shocking news, the San Francisco 49ers have sold out their divisional round playoff game. The team put a limited amount of tickets on sale at 10:00am this morning and they were scooped up fairly quickly. The 49ers announced at 10:46 that the tickets were sold out, although they were likely sold out a sold half hour before that.

Ticketmaster reportedly only had 900 tickets available this morning due to the mad rush by season ticket holders in previous days. STHs could get their own tickets heading into the weekend and then had a pre-sale yesterday. After that there simply was not enough left to meet the individual ticket buyer demand. Not a surprise.

If you want to attend the 49ers first playoff game in nine years, there are still options for getting tickets, but naturally you will need to pay a premium for those tickets. The NFL's official re-sale site is the NFL Ticket Exchange. The cheapest re-sale price listed is $196.

SB Nation has an affiliation with TiqIQ for purchasing tickets on the secondary market. Right now, the cheapest divisional round option is currently listed at $208. One upside to TiqIQ is they provide links to a variety of sites for purchasing tickets. If you use them and have any issues or questions, email me ( and I can direct questions to the proper people.

Craigslist and Stub Hub are options as well if you want to conduct some more price comparisons.

One of the big questions heading into this game will be how many opposing fans are in town for the game. It is not surprising that people will look to unload face value playoff tickets for a significant premium. For season ticket holders, they could very well pay off their 2012 season tickets with playoff tickets. Obviously many of us would rather simply enjoy the playoffs, but if the economics of it make sense, selling the tickets happens.

As long as it's not like that Cowboys game, I'll survive. That was one of the more ridiculous experiences in recent memory.