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2012 Sugar Bowl Open Thread

The bowl season continues along tonight with the 2012 Sugar Bowl, featuring Michigan and Virginia Tech. I was reading around Twitter a few days back that there were reports of Hokies players enjoying some adult establishments. Given how little there is to do in Blacksburg, I suppose that is not all that surprising. I'm curious to see which team comes out looking like they enjoyed Bourbon Street a little bit too much.

Tonight's game doesn't feature quite as many day one prospects as last night's Fiesta Bowl, but there is some intriguing talent in play. You could say this is a bit of an upside bowl where certain players intrigue scouts even though there is still plenty of work for them to do to become better draft options. Denard Robinson is one such guy. He brings some impressive athleticism, although it sounds like some folks are projecting him to any position but quarterback. We'll see if the Wolverines mix in some trickeration with him tonight.

The folks at Mocking The Draft broke down some of the draft prospects including Virginia Tech running back David Wilson and cornerback Jayron Hosley. Among the Michigan players, they took a look at Ryan Van Bergen, Craig Roh and Mike Martin.