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2012 NFL Pro Bowl: Justin Smith's Hops Put LeBron James To Shame

The NFL's Pro Bowl is generally an offensive showcase that operates much like a pick-up game. However, one of the "highlights" from Sunday had to be Justin Smith putting on a near-legendary display of athleticism. Smith and Vikings defensive end Jared Allen appeared to put on a bit of a stunt with Allen rolling over to the outside and Justin Smith making his way inside.

Head after the jump to view a gif of the cat-like reflexes of Justin Smith.


Stunts technically are not allowed in the Pro Bowl and it was amusing to hear someone on the field demanding a flag be thrown for the illegal play. I don't think I've ever seen a flag thrown in a Pro Bowl, so that wasn't going to happen. I've got to think the refs were enamored by the moves of the big man in jumping over the rolling Allen. When you see a man with those hops, you can't help but be entranced.

In fact, it's tough to tell who has better ups, Justin Smith or LeBron James. You decide for yourself: