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Gettin' Picky with the Free Agents

I thought our last off season was excellent. Baalke brought in some serious talent from free agency, all at affordable prices. This was an offseason defined by an intense flurry of free agency. There was something else that happened too... Hmm, seems to have slipped my mind.

But in this intense flurry of free agency, there were some cooler heads: let's call them heads of lettuce. This is in contrast to the bitter, over-boiled heads of cabbage that tried to make a "splash" in free agency. The Eagles are cabbage heads. The 49ers are like an awesome salad with how much lettuce they've got goin' on.

The only beef I have the offseason, and at the time this looked brilliant, is that a lot of the signings were for one year only. As I said, at the time, this looked awesome: the season was supposed to be lost anyway, what with a rookie head coach and the lockout. We could just take a flyer on some players and see who stuck. Well, a lot of them have stuck. So after the jump I'm going to post all of our FAs. I'm also going to put a poll: vote for whom, if the prices were appropriate for their respective positions, you would want back next year.

Personally I'm a toss-up between AleX and Carlos. My gut says Carlos Rogers (I think this would be, like, Alex Smith's 443rd contract with the 49ers - old prejudices die hard - plus, you know, he's slightly above league average and I don't want to pay him franchise QB money), but pragmatically a QB is pretty important to have.

Unrestricted Free Agents: Ahmad Brooks, Blake Costanzo, Ted Ginn Jr, Dashon Goldson, Tavares Gooden, Joshua Morgan, Justin Peele, Chilo Rachal, Carlos Rogers, Moran Norris, Alex Smith, Reggie Smith, Adam Snyder, Madieu Williams.

Restricted Free Agents: Larry Grant, C.J. Spillman, Brett Swain.

Exclusive-rights Free Agents: Tramaine Brock, Will Tukuafu.