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Vote Aldon Smith Pepsi Rookie Of The Year

Today is the last day to vote for the Pepsi Rookie of the Year and with Aldon Smith on the ballot, make sure to head over and vote. The AP Awards are the universally recognized awards for offensive and defensive rookie of the year, but the Pepsi award is a fun way for the fans to get involved.

The candidates for the Pepsi award are Aldon Smith, Andy Dalton, Von Miller, Cam Newton and Patrick Peterson. There are some intriguing arguments for each of these guys, but I don't see any problem overlooking them in voting for Aldon Smith. And considering his 14 sack rookie season, you can't really go wrong voting for 99 Problems (or The Condor, or The Cobra, or whatever you want to call him).

You can vote as often as you want through the end of today so head over to vote Aldon Smith as the Pepsi Rookie of the Year.