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Raiders Coaching Staff Forming A (Former) 49ers Image

I know this isn't an Oakland Raiders blog, but as the Raiders look to re-make just about their entire organization, it is interesting to watch given the 49ers own experiences with front office and coaching staff changes last year. The Raiders hired Dennis Allen and he is beginning to form out his staff. According to Fox Sports, Greg Knapp is coming on as offensive coordinator and the Greg Manusky has interviewed to be defensive coordinator.

While both guys do have their positive qualities as coaches, I would not exactly call those the most inspiring choices for a new coaching staff. Greg Knapp has gotten some plaudits from T.J. Yates for his work, but his previous time with the Raiders and his other jobs in Atlanta and Seattle didn't exactly lead to rave reviews.

And Greg Manusky is the man of a thousand head-scratching decisions. When the 49ers blew their chance to beat the Saints on Monday Night Football in 2010, I don't think many of us were surprised that the patented bend-but-don't-break Manusky defense blew a chance for a sizable upset.

The 49ers employed a bending defense this year, but there was more aggression from the secondary and a lot more effectiveness from the red zone defense. The 49ers gave up some pretty sizable passing totals during the season, but giving up yards from 20-to-20 is quite a bit different than those end zone yards.

The Raiders have some solid talent to build around, but with Knapp as OC and Manusky an option at defensive coordinator, is Dennis Allen stumbling right out of the gates?