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49ers Injury Report: Ted Ginn, Kyle Williams, Delanie Walker Updates

The 49ers players have been working and keeping busy at the 49ers facility the last few days, but today was the first official practice of the bye week. The big news to come out was that both Ted Ginn Jr. and Kyle Williams were back on the field for the portion of practice open to the media. Williams was wearing a black no-contact jersey so we'll see how long he is in that. It does not mean he can't play next week, but rather is simply part of the process of working back into form.

Delanie Walker did not practice, but it sounds like he is showing improvement from his broken jaw. He is apparently eating solid food again and able to talk. His jaw was wired up while healing the break. His status for the playoffs remains uncertain. The team worked out Cody Slate earlier this week and has Konrad Reuland as an option on the practice squad if Walker needs to be placed on injured reserve. If Reuland is the answer, the team can continue working with him into next week and take their time deciding on Walker.

Getting Ginn and Williams back is a must for the divisional round. The 49ers showed they can score points without them, but I think most of us would strongly prefer having both back in the playoffs. Reggie Smith did a solid enough job in punt returns, but having Ginn back deep can force changes in punter strategy with shorter, higher directional punts. You just don't get that with anybody else on the 49ers roster.

As for Williams, while he has not been highly targeted every single week, he has stepped up his game this season. Before he got hurt, Alex Smith was starting to target him more and more on third downs, which would seem to indicate a bit more trust and chemistry between the two.