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The 49ers Special Teams Unit Is Delightfully Quirky

Kevin Lynch of the San Francisco Chronicle put together a brief post about the 49ers special teams unit and the music and dance they've got happening just before any kickoff. The 49ers special teams unit can be seen dancing before every kickoff whether it is home or away. When they are at home, it has now become a staple to hear a song by Future called "Tony Montana."

After the jump I've posted some video of the 49ers special teams unit dancing around. It's basically the same thing every kickoff. Special teamers are often sort of an island of misfit toys. While some regulars get special teams time as well as their normal lineup spot, most of the unit is comprised of depth guys or specialists. Blake Costanzo is the guy most people think of when they think of the special teams unit, but everybody from Anthony Dixon to C.J. Spillman to Delanie Walker to Brett Swain has made contributions to the special teams unit.

I won't say that special teamers are "crazy" in part because while you do have to have a certain mindset to run down the field and knock people over, there is an essential discipline to special teams. Whether it be maintaing your lane assignment coming down the field or making sure not to block a guy in the back, coverage units aren't just about blowing up the return man. And the 49ers special teams unit has done a spectacular job this season.

Andy Lee set a record for net punt yardage and teams generally had an average starting position deep on their own side of the field. While Lee's and Akers did fantastic work on punts and kickoffs, poor coverage units would have left that work for naught. We constantly see how important the team is in the sport of football, and coverage units prove it as much as any other unit.

Special Teams Dance