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49ers Injury Report: Ray McDonald Rehabs Hamstring Injury

The 49ers had their second practice of the week today, and in the portion open to the media, defensive end Ray McDonald was off on a side field doing some rehab on his hamstring. McDonald apparently suffered the injury in the fourth quarter of last week's Rams game. He was seen limping after the game but is apparently not limping now. I'd imagine the team will be extremely careful with him heading into next week. McDonald has been huge for the 49ers opposite Justin Smith, so there is no need to push him in practice.

Delanie Walker spoke with the media briefly as he is now able to speak and eat some more solid foods. It sounds like there is still some wiring in his jaw, but he is making progress. Nonetheless, based what I'm seeing in Barrows' post, I'd be pretty surprised if Walker could play a week from tomorrow. Once the wiring is out and his jaw is good, recovery could speed up exponentially, but for now, I'm not holding my breath. If the team decides to go with Konrad Reuland off the practice squad, they can wait a little longer to activate him since he already has a playbook and is part of daily practices.

Other than those two, most everybody else is either good to go, or is simply resting up some minor injuries. Justin Smith, Carlos Rogers and Chris Culliver all sat out practice today, but none of them are expected to miss next week's games.