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2012 NFL Playoffs: Saints Vs. Lions Open Thread #2

Given how quickly the first thread has filled up, I thought it would be pertinent to start a second thread for the game. Thus far, this has been a pretty wild affair even though the score doesn't necessarily reflect a shootout per se. The Lions are hanging onto their lead but have missed out on some opportunities to put more points on the board.

For now the pace of the game would seem to favor the Lions. As we head into the second half, it will be interesting to see if the Lions can keep the Saints from getting hot. The two turnovers were huge but the Lions were unable to get any points off either one. The upside for the Lions is that you could argue they put points on the board in the two most important drives of the game. They scored a touchdown on the first drive of the game and then they added a touchdown in the drive immediately after the Saints scored.

The Saints get the ball to start the second half, so we'll see if they can crank up the tempo a bit and get it more to their liking.