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2012 Wild Card Sunday Open Thread: Giants Vs. Falcons

The 2012 NFL Playoffs picks back up today with the Giants and Falcons playing this morning and the Broncos and Steelers playing this afternoon. This Giants-Falcons game lost some value for 49ers fans once the New Orleans Saints won. Now, the winner of today's game will advance to face the Green Bay Packers in next week's divisional round.

In my odd manner of logic, I have the Falcons winning this game, but I still think the Giants are a better team. I would not be surprised with either team winning this game, but something just has me thinking the Falcons pull it out. I think either Julio Jones or Roddy White (maybe both) blows up and Michael Turner has a strong game. Of course, that means you should likely bet the opposite with some manner of confidence.

The one downside to today's game is that we are stuck with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. The good news is that next week it appears as though the 49ers-Saints will get Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston and Tony Siragusa. I know not everybody is a fan of that crew, but at the very least it qualifies as the lesser of two evils.