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2012 NFL Playoffs: Time To Prove Nobody Has It Better Than Us

I know most of you are looking to head to bed at a reasonable hour tonight, but with the new game week more or less upon us, I thought I'd throw out some video to get your heart pumping a little bit.

Since the start of the season, the post-game locker room speech has wrapped up with "Who's Got It Better Than Us? No-Body!" The folks at have posted video from some of the post-game locker room speeches and they have made for great entertainment all season long.

It's interesting following the progression of the season and the context of each speech. In the opener against Seattle, the locker room is fairly subdued, although it does pick up when Coach Harbaugh gives a shout-out to the special teams. Following the win over the Bengals, Coach Harbaugh mentions how this might be a special team, although it was still pretty early. After the Eagles win, he makes one of his greatest comments. He spoke about how the 49ers are a good team, and the longer it takes for them to recognize that, all the better for them.

If you're looking for some fun video before you end your night, check out these post-game speeches. Additionally, after the jump I posted Bailey's Who's Got It Better Than Us song (iTunes download) that works in the chant.

Week 1 - 49ers vs. Seahawks

Week 3 - 49ers @ Bengals

Week 4 - 49ers @ Eagles

Week 6 - 49ers @ Lions

Week 10 - 49ers vs. Giants

Week 13 - 49ers vs. Rams

Week 15 - 49ers vs. Steelers