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2012 NFL Playoffs: Happy Hour With Harbaugh

The 49ers coaching staff has spent the weekend preparing their game plan for the New Orleans Saints while the players have had some time off to rest and get ready to get back to the grind. The team gets back at it on Monday as they prepare for their toughest challenge of the season.

Coach Harbaugh will be chatting with the media today, although it will be at 11:00am, an hour earlier than normal. I believe it will be viewable as normal via's Live stream I've posted after the jump. If not, will likely be airing it.

Coach Harbaugh will get plenty of questions about the Saints and injuries as the team gets geared up for the coming week. Coach Fangio and Coach Roman have both had plenty of time to tweak their game plans for this weekend. It does not guarantee success of the game plan, but giving these guys a few extra days can't hurt. I suppose there is some thought to over-thinking it, but given what the Saints bring to the table, any extra prep time is good prep time in my opinion.

One thing I am curious to hear is if someone will ask Coach Harbaugh about the whole issue of the Saints blitzing. He addressed it back at the beginning of the season simply stating it was within the rules. There were some question marks about Sean Payton expecting a call from Harbaugh and not getting it, but who really knows what is going on with that. I don't expect Coach Harbaugh to say much of anything about it, but it is still something that will likely be raised.

You can view the press conference starting at 11:00am pacific via live stream after the jump, at or

Jim Harbaugh Press Conference