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Golden Nuggets: 49ers 34, Jets 0; Colin Kaepernick Unleashed

Monday, October 1, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Umm....WOW! That was great. And the game really wasn't as close as the score would appear. We left 13 points on the field in the form of two missed David Akers field goals and Colin Kaepernick sliding to a stop at the goal line to let the clock run out. I would have liked to see him score it. You usually save that move for when the other team could still come back and win it. If there's any team that probably deserves to have the points piled on them, it's the Jets. All this, despite Alex Smith not playing his best game, missing some long throws to open targets, and the 49ers not being able to convert many third downs. Things really couldn't have gone much better and it was the perfect response to last weeks bogey, which doesn't look all that bad after seeing what the Vikings did to the Lions in Detroit. Who do you single out in this game? Carlos Rogers recovering two fumbles, taking one of them all the way for a touchdown. Aldon Smith's two sacks. Mario Manningham looking dangerous with the ball in his hands. Larry Grant blocking a punt with his chest!

I've had to link everything fast as I got home late from work and there's so many links. One thing I noticed was that, in the Jim Harbaugh era, the most points the 49ers have given up the week following a loss was 8 against the Cincinnati Bengals. That's an amazing figure, and goes to show how well-coached this team is and exactly why we haven't had a two-game losing streak.

As mentioned, CK7 when buck nutty on the Jets. He scored once and could have scored another. He also threw a ball into triple coverage on his only throw of the game. You'll never get only 'the good' when you've got the King of Eternal Pessimists writing the Nuggets. | Colin Kaepernick, the read option, and San Francisco's usage of them both. (Brady)

49ers - Jets Recaps

San Francisco dominates in 34-0 win. (Bay Area SB Nation)

49ers' defense shoots down Jets' offense in 34-0 victory. (Gin)

49ers open up with trickery in 34-0 trouncing of Jets. (Branch)

49ers trounce Jets 34-0. (Press Democrat)

49ers soar to 34-0 win in New York. (

49ers crush Jets 34-0. (Barrows)

49ers - Jets Analysis

Notes from all sides of the ball in San Francisco shutout. (Brady)

49ers ground and pound Jets in a 34-0 rout. (BASG)

Postgame analysis: 49ers 34, Jets 0. (CBS Sports)

Maiocco's instant replay: 49ers 34, Jets 0. (Maiocco)

The good and bad (for the nitpickers) in 49ers win. (Lynch)

Postgame review: 49ers 34, Jets 0. (Inman)

49ers Jim Harbaugh pulls from Rex Ryan's playbook. (Poole)

Colin Kaepernick shines in Big Apple. (

Tim Tebow 2.0? Nah, Kaepernick wants to be himself. (Barrows)

49ers vs Jets: Thumbs up, thumbs down. (

Notebook: 49ers shut out Jets. (

49ers out-Tebow Jets with Kaepernick. (Cohn)

49ers bounce back in a big way. (

Defense leads 49ers to 34-0 rout of Jets. (Branch)

Assorted News / Notes

Alex Smith transcript: " We had a bad taste in our mouth all week. (Inman)

Harbaugh transcript: "That's more like it, as they said in the locker room." (Inman)

Kaepernick transcript: "I'm hoping they'll use me more and more as the season goes on." (Inman)

Aldon Smith unveils 'windmill' in two-sack performance. (Branch)

Smith applauds Kaepernick's contributions in 34-0 win. (Maiocco)

Bad taste from Minnesota fuels 49ers win in New York. (Barrows)

49ers feel at home in Eastern time zone. (Maiocco)

Rex Ryan: New York Jets got 'ass kicked' by 49ers. (

49ers refrain: Way to go, Ohio. (Branch)

Video / Assorted Media

Game highlights: 49ers vs Jets. (

Press Pass: Alex Smith. (

Press Pass: Jim Harbaugh. (

Locker room speech: 49ers at Jets. (

Cover 2: 49ers at Jets. (

49ers bounce back with 34-0 win. (

Matt & Mindi: 49ers exhibit selfless attitude in win. (CSN Bay Area)

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