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49ers press conference live stream: Jim Harbaugh

We provide a live stream and open thread for the 49ers Week 4 Monday press conference, featuring head coach Jim Harbaugh.

The 49ers returned to San Francisco last night after their 34-0 victory over the New York Jets. This wrapped up a two-game road trip that included a stop-over in Youngstown, Ohio. The 49ers are now back for a big set of three games against the Buffalo Bills, New York Giants and Seattle Seahawks. The 49ers are entering the second quarter of the season with a huge set of games heading into their Week 9 bye.

Jim Harbaugh will meet with the media at noon pacific. There is not much in the way of injury updates. I'd imagine we'll hear some questions about Colin Kaepernick, and his role as the team moves forward this season. Greg Roman will likely get more of those on Thursday. We'll hear plenty of general conversation

I've embedded the live stream after the jump. If you have any problems, check out the live stream. We'll have a transcript tonight or first thing tomorrow.