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Bay Area NN readers: Enter into a Vernon Davis football raffle and meet-up

We provide details on an event for Bay Area-based sports fans.

Brian Bahr - Getty Images

Our good friend Steve Berman of Bay Area Sports Guy fame is holding a meet-up later today (Wednesday) at The Boardroom in North Beach. The event will include some good pizza, playoff baseball and giveaways. You will get one free raffle ticket if you attend, and you'll have the opportunity to purchase more raffle tickets throughout the evening. The event is operating as a chance to meet some other Bay Area sports fans, but also the event will operate as a charity event to raise some money for Team in Training runners.

If you get a chance to go to the event, try and get some pictures and give me a heads-up. It should be a fun afternoon/evening of Bay Area baseball. And maybe you can score some choice gear in the raffle.