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Alex Smith finger injury update: Nothing but tape to see here

We take a look at the latest update surrounding Alex Smith's injured finger as the 49ers prepare their first practice participation report.

We are back for your daily update on the state of Alex Smith's middle finger. I was tempted to take a picture of my middle finger and just use that for each post, but I realized it might stun some people seeing somebody flipping them off on the front of Niners Nation. Most of us could handle that, but I'd prefer to keep this a little closer to PG where possible!

The latest news on Alex Smith's finger is actually good, and there is little reason to be overly tense. Alex Smith chatted with the media today outside his locker, and he indicated the finger is doing all right:

"It's doing all right. I think it'll be fine ... played toss a little yesterday and a little bit today. It's one of those of things, the more you move it around and keep it going, it'll get better as the week goes on."

According to Smith, he might have some tape for support, but otherwise it is feeling alright at this point. Jim Harbaugh was asked about the finger during his own press conference and he said his concerns were relieved to a certain extent seeing Smith throw yesterday.

We will likely see Smith on the injury report today, tomorrow and Friday, but at this point it seems unlikely that he will be unable to play on Sunday. I suppose things could change in the coming days, but I am fairly comfortable with the situation.

Where it gets interesting is if this impacts the play-calling much, if at all. Do we see a heavier does of running? Do we see a bit more of Colin Kaepernick? If the finger is fine I suppose it should not change anything, but obviously it will be in the back of our minds here and there.