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49ers to face Jacksonville Jaguars in London in 2013, according to Peter King

Peter King is reporting the 49ers will travel to London in 2013 to face the Jacksonville Jaguars. We break down the implications,

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Yesterday I posted that the 49ers had a distinct chance of having to travel to London to face the Jacksonville Jaguars as part of the annual London series. Peter King is now reporting that the 49ers will in fact be the team to face the Jaguars. The NFL is expected to make the official announcement later today. When that press release comes along, we'll have all the details.

Jacksonville will operate as the home team for this contest. The 49ers served as the home team for the 2010 London series matchup when they "hosted" the Denver Broncos. Although the Jaguars will be the home team, I have a feeling the 49ers could get a fair number of fans in their corner. The NFL started to gain popularity in England in the '80s, which resulted in quite a few 49ers fans coming of age with the team.

This also gives us some hints about the 49ers 2013 schedule. The bye week will likely follow this game. Additionally, the prior week will likely feature the 49ers traveling to one of their more eastern opponents. Their list of road opponents for next year includes the Tennessee Titans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the NFC East team in the same divisional position. My guess is the 49ers would face either the Bucs or that NFC East team (unless it is the Cowboys).