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49ers press conference live stream: Vic Fangio, Greg Roman, Mario Manningham

We provide a live stream and open thread for the 49ers Week 6 Thursday press conferences, featuring DC Vic Fangio, OC Greg Roman and wide receiver Mario Manningham.

Thursday brings coordinator press conference day, with Vic Fangio and Greg Roman addressing the media at noon pacific. They wil be followed by wide receiver Mario Manningham.

The coordinators are usually interesting as they sometimes provide a little more insight than Coach Harbaugh. They will avoid game-plan and scheme answers, but they still seem a little more open to providing specific details about the players on their side of things. This is not entirely surprising since they spend so much time focused on those aspects of the game, but it is still interesting.

Mario Manningham will also be speaking to the media, which could provide some interesting commentary about the Giants. He will get plenty of questions about his former teammates. He has said he is pumped for this game, so we'll see what kind of follow-up we get.

I've embedded the live stream above, but if you have any problems, check out the live stream. We'll have some transcripts tonight or first thing tomorrow.