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Fantasy Football Pick 6: Week 5 Niners Nation Leaderboard, Week 6 Picks

Get your Pick 6 rosters in!

Jason O. Watson - Getty Images

I almost forgot about Pick 6 this week! I wanted to make sure and remind folks to get your Pick 6 rosters selected in time for tonight's Thursday Night Football kickoff. If you've never played, it's a fairly simple game that provides a chance for some easy bragging rights here at the site.

For my Pick 6 this week, I went 49ers heavy, selecting Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis and David Akers. I also grabbed Josh Gordon, Owen Daniels and Rashard Mendenhall. I wanted to go all 49ers, but it's just a little bit too expensive.

Last week jmart7 rolled to a fairly sizable victory, rolling up 103.5 points. Second place had 95.1 while I had a mere 69.1 points. Who you rolling with this week?