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Brandon Jacobs talked to Jim Harbaugh, 'ironed it out' and back on track

San Francisco 49ers running back Brandon Jacobs refocuses team-first mentality after speaking with Jim Harbaugh.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

This week, it seemed Brandon Jacobs had begun to revert to his old ways, growing tired with his role on the team. He was not making an enormous fuss but did confirm he was frustrated after asked by media. Of course, Jacobs could have pulled a Rosenhaus and said, "next question," but he proceeded to answer it.

Today we learned that Jacobs spoke with head coach Jim Harbaugh a couple times this week and they've worked it out. As if the 49ers head coach pushed a button, Jacobs had seemed refocused, putting his team-first mentality out there for all to see.

I spoke to Coach Harbaugh a couple times the last couple days. We ironed it out. We got it done. I understand where Coach is coming from. He understands me from him playing football and understanding an athlete, and the competitive nature of wanting to help your team win, and not only that, but against your former team. In this case, my former team is not important.

Jacobs also acknowledged he has a "rare opportunity" in San Francisco and is still not 100-percent healthy. Furthermore, it did not seem like Jacobs thought he'd be active this Sunday versus the New York Giants.

For the full locker room transcript, visit the Santa Rosa Press Democrat

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