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We take a look at some video from previewing Sunday's 49ers-Giants matchup.

Ezra Shaw - Getty Images

The folks over at have taken a big step forward this season in their video production. If you haven't swung by their video page, I highly recommend making it a regular destination. They have started putting together a variety of preview and recap videos that are the kind of thing you might normally find on YouTube. The difference of course is that the 49ers are able to legally utilize highlights and other 49ers-related content as they see fit.

One thing they have been doing this season is a weekly preview of the upcoming matchup, set to music and created as a sort of movie trailer. You can check out their most recent preview looking at the 49ers-Giants matchup this weekend.

The video section includes these trailers, recaps of the games, the post-game locker room speech following victories, and the daily press pass video of coach and player press conferences. You should definitely bookmark the video page.