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Golden Nuggets: Giants at 49ers - Championship Game Rematch

Sunday, October 14, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Thearon W. Henderson - Getty Images

Just another Sunday. The Giants are here to visit for the third time in less than a year, and, after how rude they were last time, I didn't think they'd be asked back. But here they are, needing a victory to stay above .500, which is when they're always their most dangerous. I think we have their number this time. We had it for most of the game last time, and I don't think Harbaugh an Co. will let this one slip away. Maybe Kyle Williams will win this one single-handedly.

There's not a lot of news from yesterday. The only thing of note is more of the Kevin Gilbride-Justin Smith-Coach Harbaugh intrigue. Gilbride accused Smith of getting away with murder in the trenches, Harbaugh defended his player, Smith said he never heard of Gilbride. That's the issue in a you can skip out on half of the links (hint: Don't, there's often notes toward the end...).

As per usual on a game day, most of the writers will be posting things in the morning for you to go over before the game. I'm asleep then, so put anything you think someone else might like as a link in the comments. Each and every one of you must come up with at least one unique link and violators will have their NN privileges revoked. Kidding....but help us out!

Week 6: Giants at 49ers

Both offensive lines for both teams have been impressive this year. Both were rated somewhere around the middle of the pack by most observers going in to the season. Both have done well at what their team does best, New York at protecting Eli Manning, San Francisco with creating gaping running lanes for Frank Gore and friends. Which line plays better may decide the outcome of the game. | Battle in the trenches key. (Malone)

How much does last year's team resemble the 2012 team? Defense looks equally as stout, but the offense, as we all know has improved leaps and bounds. The 621 yards put up last week were a team record. The Giants have been average on defense this year. The Jets had been average until we upped their yards against per game into the stratosphere. | Giants will find a different 49ers offense. (Inman)

I'm so glad Salsa-gate is settled. We also got through handshake-gate and replacement ref-gate without much more than a scratch. Oh, and what about Smith-Newton-gate in the preseason and Patrick Willis-not-on-the-cover-of-Madden-gate. Man, can we duck a serious scandal, or what? | Carlos Rogers will not mock Victor Cruz' salsa dance. (

Coach Harbaugh has come out to defend Justin Smith from Kevin Gilbride. Who's Kevin Gilbride? He's the Giants OC and has been planting the seed in the referees ears that Smith is guilty of shady business on every play. Anyone who watches football knows that all linemen do dirty deeds in regards to holding jerseys and hands and what not. | Harbaugh strongly defends Justin Smith. (Branch)

Now this is just getting a bit silly. Gilbride-gate has gotten out of control. I know that what he meant was that Gilbride was unimportant, but even I know who Kevin Gilbride is. | Justin Smith says he doesn't know who Kevin Gilbride is. (ProFootballTalk)

49ers key matchup No. 2: Joe Staley vs Jason Pierre-Paul. (Maiocco)

Familiar foe for Mario Manningham, Brandon Jacobs. (Inman)

Harbaugh vs Gilbride: NFC West addendum. (Sando)

Special teams play to dictate momentum in rematch. (Bay Area SB Nation)

49ers could use Brandon Jacobs against his old team. (BASG)

Roster News

The Giants have been banged up. The one place where they rate higher than us, in my mind at least, is their passing attack vs our secondary. Carlos Rogers and Terell Brown have not been stellar so far this season, allowing a combined 101.3 passer rating on throws into their coverage. That's where injuries to WR Hakeem Nicks, as well as TE Martellus Bennett might slow them down. | Hakeem Nicks travels with Giants, could play against 49ers. (

Assorted News

I think Mario Manningham is just starting to hit his stride with the 49ers. The style of risk-reduced football that we play requires Alex Smith and his targets to be on exactly the same page, and it looks like the two are getting more familiar with one another. Mannigham looks dangerous whenever he touches the ball. | Manningham uses skill set with 49ers. (Branch)

Pigs fly: Alex Smith wins award based on fans' vote. (Barrows)

2012 49ers defensive snaps: Week 1-5. (Sando)

Following up on 49ers' third down defense. (Sando)

Alex Smith staring down expectations. (Sando)

Being a Sheep

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