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49ers vs. Giants: Your Week 6 officials

We break down the crew of officials handling the 49ers-Giants Week 6 matchup

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The return of Week 6 means it is time for the always exciting referee article. The buzz over the return of the real officials is gone at this point, but the weekly officiating crew remains important information. The folks at Football Zebras continue to provide the officiating crews, while Pro Football Reference provides pertinent data about each referee.

This week, John Parry's crew will officiate the 49ers-Giants Week 6 battle. His crew includes Dan Ferrell (umpire), Derick Bowers (Head linesman), Rusty Baynes (Line judge), Scott Edwards (Field judge), Ron Torbert (Side judge), Perry Paganelli (Back judge), Earnie Frantz (Replay official) and Brian Matoren (Replay assistant).

Parry has been a referee since 2007, and was a side judge the previous seven years. Parry's most prominent action included serving as side judge for Super Bowl XLI and referee for last year's Super Bowl XLVI.

For 49ers fans, Parry's last game prior to the Super Bowl was the 49ers-Saints playoff game. He also worked the 49ers-Ravens game on Thanksgiving. You can review all his pertinent stats, including a game log for every game he has worked as side judge and referee.