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Alex Smith throws second pick of the season on poor read

The 49ers dominated for much of the first quarter, dominating time of possession and entering the second quarter with a 3-0 lead after one made and one missed David Akers field goal. However, the Giants have caught a break that allowed them to drive down the field and score a touchdown. On the first play of the 49ers first drive in the second quarter, Alex Smith was intercepted by cornerback Prince Amukamara. The interception was the first home interception for Smith since November 20, 2011.


Smith had an open Delanie Walker, but it looks like he might have misread where Prince was covering. We'll check the coaches' film later this week, but I can't imagine him lobbing that up so easily if he actually thought Amukamara was going to stick with Walker. Whatever the case, the Giants recovered and drove 55 yards down the field for a touchdown. The Giants currently have the ball and a 7-3 lead.