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49ers vs. Giants: Fourth quarter open thread

We break down the third quarter and open up a thread for fourth quarter discussion.

Jason O. Watson - Getty Images

Well, this certainly hasn't been pretty. The 49ers head into the fourth quarter trailing 23-3, struggling to make much of anything happen. The 49ers offense looked ready to take over early on, but struggled to make much of anything happen when they got deep into Giants territory. Alex Smith is having one of his worst games in a pro, throwing three interceptions and generally struggling to make much happen since the first quarter.

The 49ers have continued to mix Colin Kaepernick in the offense, but they have struggled with their effectiveness. Kaepernick completed a big pass near the end of the second quarter, but otherwise he hasn't done much of anything. The 49ers gave Colin Kaepernick a couple plays to end the third quarter, and not much was able to materialize. While I do not think the team needs a permanent switch at QB, I do think it makes sense to mix things up and give Kaepernick the fourth quarter today. Whatever CK's performance Alex Smith is the starter, but sometimes a change within the game can provide something. We'll see.