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Joe Staley injury update: Concussion comes on 49ers short week

We break down the implications of Joe Staley's concussion, and what it could mean for Thursday's Seahawks game.

Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

To date the 49ers had generally managed to avoid significant injuries. Aside from Alex Smith's sprained finger, which proved to be a non-story (it was a lot more than finger issues in play today!), the 49ers have remained relatively healthy. After today, the track record takes a bit of a mark as Joe Staley has suffered a concussion. This is his second concussion in a year, having suffered one against the Arizona Cardinals last year.

Staley was replaced at left tackle by Alex Boone, with Leonard Davis sliding in at right guard. I saw Daniel Kilgore on the field as well at one point, but that might have simply been one of their jumbo formations.

As the 49ers move into their next game week, they face a tough task with Staley. The 49ers have a quick turnaround, as they host the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday Night Football. We'll find out more in the coming days, but given the concussion protocol the NFL has developed, I would be surprised if Staley was cleared by then. He needs to be be deemed full asymptomatic at rest and after exertion. He must pass a neurological test that includes an assessment by an independent neuro-psychologist.

It is entirely possible he could be cleared in time for Thursday. Concussions are never good, but the level of symptoms can vary from concussion to concussion. The 49ers will be issuing practice reports tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday, but i have to think if Staley plays, it would not be known until game time.