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49ers vs. Giants snap count: Numbers don't reflect the play-calling conundrum

We break down the 49ers snap count against the Giants and how it does not reflect the issues in the game-plan.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

We're back for another rousing edition of 49ers snap count, albeit a bit more low key thanks to the 49ers ugly effort against the New York Giants. The 49ers dropped a 26-3 decision that was a complete blowout in the second half. This week's snap count does not reflect a lot of things drastically different from previous weeks, but we know the play-calling left something to be desired.

Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter were approximately within their usual snap counts (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3,Week 4, Week 5), but when this team runs the ball 17 times and throws 37 times, things are probably not going well. I do realize that the 49ers were trailing for most of this game, and trailing big as the game wore on. And yet it still drives me just a little bit crazy.

The game got out of hand late thanks to turnovers and general poor play, but there was an extended stretch when the 49ers likely could have continued rushing the ball with relative effectiveness. After the game, Jim Harbaugh talked about how hindsight is undefeated:

"I can't give you the reason. The why didn't you throw it deep? Why didn't you run it? Why didn't you do this? Why didn't you do that? Don't have all those answers for you right now. The ‘should've, would've,' is undefeated. Go back and say, ‘why didn't you?' ‘Should have done that.' That's an undefeated way of looking at things. So, we'll see if we can't bounce back real fast and get ready for this ball game Thursday night."

I realize it is easy to say this and that in hindsight, but this is the second game where it seemed like the 49ers abandoned their rushing identity to a certain extent. The Giants took a 17-3 lead on their first drive of the third quarter, and things seemed to fall apart from there. The 49ers ran for two yards on their ensuing first play followed by a seven yard pass by Colin Kaepernick to Mario Manningham. Leonard Davis was subsequently called for a false start, setting up a 3rd and 6 instead of a 3rd and 1. Cue Alex Smith interception.

After that interception, the 49ers ran two traditional running back rushes the rest of the way. We can point to the sizable deficit at that point, but I remain convinced the team could have worked there way back into this thing with a bit more rushing. It is indeed all woulda, coulda, shoulda, but that's about all we have right now.

You can read through the entire Gamebook HERE (PDF).

Offense had 61 total plays.

# of Plays


61 (100%)

Alex Boone, Anthony Davis, Mike Iupati, Jonathan Goodwin, Vernon Davis

49 (80%)

Michael Crabtree

45 (74%)

Alex Smith

44 (72%)

Frank Gore

41 (67%)

Mario Manningham

37 (61%)

Joe Staley

34 (56%)

Kyle Williams

24 (39%)

Leonard Davis

21 (34%)

Delanie Walker

17 (28%)

Kendall Hunter, Randy Moss

16 (26%)

Colin Kaepernick

11 (18%)

Bruce Miller

4 (7%)

Will Tukuafu, Garrett Celek

1 (2%)

Daniel Kilgore, Ted Ginn Jr.

Defense had 65 total plays.

# of Plays


65 (100%)

Aldon Smith, NaVorro Bowman, Donte Whitner

64 (98%)

Dashon Goldson, Tarell Brown, Carlos Rogers

63 (97%)

Patrick Willis, Ahmad Brooks

62 (95%)

Ray McDonald, Justin Smith

39 (60%)

Isaac Sopoaga

20 (31%)

Chris Culliver

10 (15%)

Ricky Jean-Francois

4 (6%)

Perrish Cox

2 (3%)

Demarcus Dobbs

1 (2%)

C.J. Spillman

Here is the special teams breakdown for the entire team

# of Plays


28 (100%)

Demarcus Dobbs

21 (75%)

Darcel McBath

18 (64%)

Tramaine Brock, Will Tukuafu

17 (61%)

Bruce Miller, C.J. Spillman, Anthony Dixon, Tavares Gooden

15 (54%)

Larry Grant

12 (43%)

Dashon Goldson

10 (36%)

Daniel Kilgore

8 (29%)

Aldon Smith, Tarell Brown, Patrick Willis, Ahmad Brooks, Ray McDonald, Ricky Jean Francois

7 (25%)

Andy Lee, Brian Jennings, Kyle Williams, Kendall Hunter

6 (21%)

Chris Culliver, Perrish Cox

5 (18%)

David Akers

4 (14%)

Ted Ginn Jr., NaVorro Bowman

3 (11%)

Alex Boone, Anthony Davis, Mike Iupati, Joe Staley, Leonard Davis

2 (7%)

Delanie Walker