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Super Bowl L: 49ers look to join 2016 short list on Tuesday

We take a look at the latest update, which is indicating a decision on a short list is due on Tuesday.

Scott Halleran - Getty Images

The NFL owners are meeting in Chicago this week, and one of the agenda items is creating a short list of potential host sites for Super Bowl L in 2016. The 49ers are among the teams hoping to be on this short list, and were initially expecting an announcement earlier today. Instead, it sounds like the NFL will announce the short list on Tuesday. The final announcement of the 2016 Super Bowl host is expected next May.

The 49ers have made it clear they want to bid on Super Bowl L as a way to blow the proverbial roof off their new Santa Clara stadium. San Francisco would be the "host city" even with the game happening in Santa Clara. It would be the second Bay Area Super Bowl, following Stanford hosting the 1985 game.

The short list will likely include some of the usual suspects in the rotation. I saw somewhere online that Dallas is rumored to be a strong candidate (I'll try and find the link). The 50th Super Bowl is going to be big time, so the Jerry-plex would be able to provide a whole ton of seating. Well, seating for almost everybody at least.

If I had to make a short-list prediction, I could see Dallas, Miami, San Diego and maybe one more Florida city on the list. We'll find out Tuesday.