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San Francisco, South Florida to bid for Super Bowl L, Houston included for Super Bowl LI

We break down the news that the 49ers are a finalist to host Super Bowl L or LI.

Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

After much waiting, as expected the 49ers and the city of San Francisco will be bidding on a Super Bowl. The 49ers and "South Florida" (I assume to mean the Miami area) will be bidding for Super Bowl L in 2016. The loser of that bid will join Houston in bidding to host Super Bowl LI. I had thought Dallas and San Diego would be in the mix, but it is not to be. Ian Rappaport tweeted out a picture of the breakdown for bidding. The vote on who will host will come at the owners' meetings next May.

This is a big deal, but becomes an even bigger deal with safety concerns at Candlestick Park. Unfortunately there was more violence over the weekend as a 49ers fan reportedly stabbed a Cowboys fan before the 49ers-Giants game. Thankfully the moron who did the stabbing and one of his friends who was part of the incident were both arrested.

Ideally this would not be an issue at a new stadium in Santa Clara, but you can be certain this will be brought up in the 49ers bid to host the Super Bowl. The 49ers will likely crack down even further in their security measures.