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Power Rankings: Week Seven

My power rankings after a crazy week of Football.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

One thing that I have learned doing these Power Rankings every week is how hard it is to find information about each individual team. To be honest, the national media does a great job of covering teams that are winning or have Tim Tebow. Not to be a total brown nose, but SBNation provides incredible opportunities for fans to get good looks at each team.

Now for the rankings.

1) Atlanta Falcons (Last Week: 2; 6-0): The last undefeated team was almost defeated this week. They got pretty lucky with a last second field goal. Still good enough to take the top spot, though.

2) Houston Texans (Last Week: 1; 5-1): Despite the loss, I do think this is easily one of the most complete teams in the NFL.

3) Baltimore Ravens (Last Week: 4; 5-1): Even though they are at three this week, I anticipate a drop in the rankings from the Ravens soon. They were pretty beat up this last week.

4) NY Giants (Last Week: ; 4-2): For one week at least, this team looked like one of the most dominating in the NFL. Super Bowl champs indeed.

5) San Francisco 49ers (Last Week: 3; 4-2): I really prefer it when the other team only score three points - not us.

6) Chicago Bears (BYE WEEK): Have a Bye Week; stay at the same ranking.

7) Green Bay Packers (Last Week: 7; 3-3): For a week at least, the Packers looked like the offense first team they wanted to be. I still think that's largely unsustainable - so this may be a peak in rankings on my part.

8) Seattle Seahawks (Last Week: 14; 4-2): Is this too high? Perhaps, but this team keeps plugging away with an incredible defense and a rookie QB who has been pretty good all sorts of rookie expectations considered.

9) Minnesota Vikings (Last Week: 8; 4-2): Not a good game for the Vikings, but this team has already demonstrated its worth. Elite team status? Maybe not yet, but they are on their way up.

10) New England Patriots (Last Week: 5; 3-3): Frankly, this is too high. The Pats have massive holes, and not even Tom Brady can patch them up. I'm ready to knock this team down if things down't change.

11) Denver Broncos (Last Week: 16; 3-3): I also think this is a bit high for the Broncos too, but I want the Cardinals lower down because of their obvious problems, The Broncos get a little boost there as a consequence.

12) Arizona Cardinals (Last Week: 10; 4-2): I think we all saw this coming - the o-line was never sustainable, and injuries - as unfortunate as they are - were bound to happen.

13) Pittsburgh Steelers (Last Week: 9; 2-3): This team is much too old and injuried.

14) Philadelphia Eagles (Last Week: 12; 3-3): You could sell tickets to the Michael Vick turnover show. I mean, I guess technically they already do, but I want my joke to be funny.

15) San Diego Chargers (Last Week: 13; 3-3): That's a game you gotta win. Can't have a halftime lead like that, with Ryan Matthews running the ball so well, and not win the game against a division rival.

16) Detroit Lions (Last Week: 19; 2-3): That was more like the Lions team from last year.

17) St. Louis Rams (Last Week: 18; 3-3): Not gonna lie, I'm pretty pumped for our games with St. Louis this year. This team is on the rise, and are the type of team that can provide us with a great game against the 49ers.

18) Dallas Cowboys (Last Week: 15; 2-3): For one week, at least, we had a QB that played like Bad Romo plays. It sucks.

19) Buffalo Bills (Last Week: 20; 3-3): Thanks for beating the Cardinals, Bills. We totally owe you one.

20) Cincinnati Bengals (Last Week: 17; 3-3): I'm somewhat of a cheerleader for this team. But, it looks like I need eat a bit of crow here.

21) NY Jets (Last Week: 25; 3-3): For a week the media hype around the brewing QB controversy should diminish.

22) Miami Dolphins (Last Week: 21; 3-3): This is a team on the rise, me thinks.

23) New Orleans Saints (BYE WEEK): Bye Week.

24) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last Week: 27; 2-3): Nice week for a team that needed to shore up its wounds.

25) Oakland Raiders (Last Week: 24; 1-4): Nice day for the Raiders. To be honest, I was pulling for them. Bummer they couldn't pull off the win.

26) Washington Redskins (Last Week: 28; 3-3): Nice little bounce back from RG3 this week.

27) Carolina Panthers (BYE WEEK): Bye Week.

28) Tennessee Titans (Last Week: 30; 2-4): Nice little win from the Titans over an ailing Steelers team. Can they build on it, though, and claim a few wins in the next month or so?

29) Indianapolis Colts (Last Week: 22; 2-3): After a strong week, the Colts weren't able to keep the momentum up.

30) Cleveland Browns (Last Week: 32; 1-5): Yay for the Browns! They got that elusive win and thus bounce out of the last place spot.

31) Jacksonville Jaguars (BYE WEEK): Bye Week.

32) Kansas City Chiefs (Last Week: 29; 1-5): Boy oh boy is Matt Cassel far from his "break out" season with the Patriots a few years ago.