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49ers vs. Seahawks: What does Russell Wilson bring to the table?

We take a look at Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and consider what he could bring to the table against the 49ers on Thursday Night Football.

Stephen Brashear - Getty Images

Consider this as much an open thread as anything else, because I have yet to form much of a cogent opinion on the rookie QB. I have spent so much time focused on the 49ers here and fantasy football for SB Nation that I honestly have not seen a whole lot of Wilson. In my limited exposure to Wilson, I've seen some good and I've seen some bad. He seems like a QB with potential, but plenty of room for growth.

I took a peak at Football Outsiders QB rankings, and they have him in the 23-25 range based on different categories. Some of the quarterbacks right around him include Jake Locker, Cam Newton and Sam Bradford above, and Jay Cutler, Michael Vick, Kevin Kolb and Philip Rivers below. Take that however you want, but it's quite the mix of quarterbacks.

When dealing with a rookie QB, there is always the school of thought that a good defense will mess with his head and get him a little bit flustered. Ideally we'll see that from the 49ers on Thursday, but there is of course also the concern that limited film on a QB opens the door for the unexpected.

Over at Field Gulls, Kenneth Arthur put together a look at the development of Wilson, and it is not surprising that he is fired up about the youngster. Seahawks fans are fired up for the Russell Wilson era, and can live with some of the warts for the dream of a franchise QB. It remains to be seen how Wilson will develop, but Seahawks fans are excited. And I have to admit, I am kind of excited to see him on Thursday Night Football. I certainly don't want to see him have success, but given all the chatter, I would love to see what the 49ers defense can do to the rookie QB under the primetime lights.