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Golden Nuggets: Seahawks at 49ers; Short week offers quick chance at redemption

Thursday, October 18, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Jay Drowns

Good morning everyone. It's Thursday and it's gameday. That's a bit weird to write, but, hey. This is going to be another abbreviated version of the Nuggets, as I haven't been feeling well. The only news is the typical pre-game preview material, written in haste by the poor beat writers on the short week. The players aren't the only ones put out by the Thursday night game.

How does everyone feel going into the game? I'm still pretty bummed after last weekend, but Harbaugh's history of bouncing back from defeats with stellar performances let's me know everything is going to be all right. We do need a win tonight, and a win next week in Arizona and we'll be firmly established in the driver's seat of the new and improved NFC Best.

Since I'm making this a 'quickie', you know the drill. Any exciting, particularly interesting news that gets posted in the morning you can add into the comments below. It'll save me from getting fired. Thanks guys!

Week 7: Seahawks at 49ers

Will San Francisco return to their identity on offense? (Faaborg)

Joe Staley, Mario Manningham, Brandon Jacobs questionable. (Bay Area SB Nation)

6 keys to victory in week 7. (Gin)

49ers game preview vs Seahawks: Analysis, prediction, TV info. (CBS Sports)

Seahawks focussed on slowing down Frank Gore. (Pro Football Talk)

49ers must figure out how to stop Russell Wilson. (Inman)

49ers - Seahawks matchups: Part II - Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter vs Seahawks run D. (Cohn)

Week 7: Seahawks - 49ers matchup. (Yahoo!)

How do the 49ers matchup against the Seahawks? (SFGate)

After 4th-quarter collapse, 49ers ready for Seattle's Marshawn Lynch. (Branch)

How 49ers can slow down Seahawks pass rush. (Cohn)

Carroll on 49ers' offense: "They're definitely taking Colin Kaepernick's game to a new level." (Cohn)

Battle for NFC West starts here for 49ers. (Inman)

Seahawks visit 49ers in key NFC West matchup. (Yahoo!)

Frank Gore ready to reprise rivalry. (

49ers key matchup No. 3: Patrick Willis vs Marshawn Lynch. (Maiocco)

Thursday's battle against Seattle is for first place. (Press Democrat)

Running game key for 49ers, Seattle. (Branch)

Other News

Vic Fangio says pass rush not an issue. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Colin Kaepernick, drive-staller (against NY Giants, anyway). (BASG)

Patrick Willis apologizes for slamming Matt Millen. (Inman)

Where have you gone Michael Robinson? (Barrows)

49ers defend the downfield pass. (

Miked-up Harbaugh wanted 49ers to 'stay up and stay in it' during loss. (Inman)

Videos / Assorted Media

Niner talk: 49ers - Seahawks Week 7. (

Coming soon: 49ers vs Seahawks. (

Weekly conversation: Donte Whitner. (

Certified faithful: 49ers vs Seahawks. (

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