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49ers vs. Seahawks: Field Gulls talks Thursday Night Football

We take a look at the Seahawks breakdown of 49ers-Seahawks and what to expect on Thursday Night Football.

Earlier today, I posted a 49ers-Seahawks preview video in which I discussed three keys to the game, and then asked three questions of Kenneth Arthur from Field Gulls. Kenneth also put together some video of his own discussing the 49ers-Seahawks matchup from the perspective of a Seahawks fan. I thought it was only fair to post his as well, particularly given that I make a cameo appearance. The audio is a bit off in terms of being synced with the video, but other than that, Kenny brings some interesting points to the table. Additionally, at about the 2:30 mark I come on to answer a few of Kenny's questions.

I agree with Kenny's keys to the game, particularly with regards to getting pressure on Alex Smith. I focused more on the rushing side of things, but the QBs could be game-changers tonight. If the 49ers offensive line brings its A-game and takes care of business, Alex Smith can do some really good things. The Seahawks secondary will get physical with the receivers in their man-coverage, so it will be interesting to see how the 49ers adjust to get some open pass plays.

And as Kenny pointed in his second key, and I pointed out in my third key, special teams could prove huge. It is entirely possible the ground or air game will completely decide this game. However, given the 49ers overall special teams struggles, I just have a feeling special teams will make some kind of noticeable impact on the game. I don't know specifically how, but I just sense something big happening with the third unit.