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49ers vs. Seahawks: Brandon Jacobs, Mario Manningham, Joe Staley testing things out pre-game

The 49ers are getting ready for their huge divisional matchup with the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday Night Football, which means the questionable injury concerns are testing things out to see if they can play. Here are a few pertinent tweets related to the 49ers three "questionable" players.

There is no word on the final concussion tests for Joe Staley, so we'll likely have to wait right up until the inactive list comes out 90 minutes before the game. Matt Maiocco said in his opinion he thought Staley would play. We'll find out more in the next hour.

Brandon Jacobs has been sitting the entire regular season, chomping at the bit for an opportunity to play. Matt Maiocco said he would go out on a limb and predict Jacobs would be active. Against one of the best rush defenses in the NFL, it could be "all hands on deck" time.

The general consensus is that Manningham will play. Seeing the trainers working with him over Staley would seem to be a positive sign.