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49ers vs. Seahawks: Braylon Edwards tweets displeasure with SF before Thursday Night Football

Current Seattle Seahawks wide receiver and former 49ers wide receiver Braylon Edwards shot out a tweet a couple hours before Thursday Night Football was scheduled to kick off. The 49ers are hosting the Seahawks, and the former 49er apparently was not at all pleased with how his time in San Francisco went.

I suppose he could just be talking about the natural division rivalry, but given that he was released and had an otherwise unproductive 2011 season in San Francisco, I would imagine he is none too pleased with the team. There might have been other issues that did not come to light, but based on what we know, the release should not have been all too surprising.

Edwards is on the downside of his career at this point, and he is struggling to make an impact in Seattle. He did grab a touchdown last week against the Patriots, but otherwise he has been limited. Through six weeks, Edwards has caught eight receptions for 74 yards and the touchdown. If he departs Seattle after this season and ends up with a team that faces the Seahawks in 2013, maybe it will be personal then as well.