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49ers vs. Seahawks: Ted Ginn Jr. operating as kick return man

The most intriguing note right off the bat from the 49ers-Seahawks Thursday Night Football contest is that Ted Ginn Jr. has taken over kick return duties. He has been handling the punt return role recently, while Kyle Williams returned kicks the last few weeks (Kendall Hunter did it before that).

There could be a couple explanations for the change. The first is that with Mario Manningham out, the 49ers want Kyle Williams solely focused on his work as the team's number two receiver behind Michael Crabtree. The second is that his decisions to take some particularly deep kicks out might have left Brad Seely questioning his role as the kick returner. And of course, given the general special teams struggles, it could have been to simply mix things up given Ginn's success.

Ginn has had great success as a return man for the 49ers the last two seasons. We'll see if this is a one-week thing, or whether he will continue in the role even when Mario Manningham is healthy and back ahead of Kyle Williams.