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49ers vs. Seahawks: Frank Gore, second half adjustments key SF victory

We provide a preliminary break down of the 49ers 13-6 win over the Seattle Seahawks.

Brian Bahr

Well, that game was something else. The 49ers 13-6 win over the Seattle Seahawks was truly a tale of two halves as San Francisco made some sizable adjustments in multiple phases of the game to secure a hard-fought, much needed divisional victory. The 49ers improve to 5-2, while the Seahawks drop to 4-3. More importantly for Seattle, they are 0-3 in divisional games, and even with three divisional home games left, they can do no better than .500 in the division.

The 49ers could not have looked much worse in the first half, as they could get nothing going on offense, and the defense was getting gashed by Marshawn Lynch. Fortunately, the team figured some things out in the locker room and controlled much of the second half. Alex Smith threw an awful interception in the fourth quarter, but thankfully the 49ers defense stepped up big to prevent Seattle from doing anything with it.

The two big stars of this game have to be Frank Gore and Ted Ginn Jr. Frank Gore thoroughly dominated the Seahawks on the ground, rushing 16 times for 131 yards. He got banged up late, but Kendall Hunter provided solid enough relief work. It was incredibly frustrating seeing the 49ers go away from the run for much of the second quarter, but thankfully they realized the error of their ways in the second half.

Ginn deserves kudos, even though the 49ers only managed three points off his big punt returns. He returned three punts for 70 yards, doing a great job for a special teams unit that was looking for plays.

It wasn't a pretty win by any stretch, but the 49ers gutted it out and got a crucial home divisional win. Now they have some extra rest time to get ready for an even bigger divisional road game. The 49ers travel to Glendale to face the Arizona Cardinals in Week 8. Given how this division is shaping up, the first team to win a road division game might end up as the team to beat in the NFC West.