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49ers vs. Seahawks: The many faces of Jim Harbaugh

We take a look at the many faces of Jim Harbaugh using a gallery of pictures from the 49ers 13-6 win over the Seahawks.

The 49ers battled through a tough game against the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday Night Football, and much like just about every other 49ers game since he took over, Jim Harbaugh has to be thoroughly exhausted by night's end. Whenever a potentially bad call is made, Jim Harbaugh tends to absolutely lose his mind. He is there to defend his players from bad officiating, but even still, I'm fairly certain his head is going to explode at some point.

The launch of SB Nation United has included a new tool we call the Gallery. It provides an opportunity to include a string of pictures with a story as a sort of story-telling device. It is not a slide-show in that the pictures do not take you from page to page. Rather, you can sort through the pictures on the page and follow along.

Normally the Gallery is meant to be used for pictures I (or another writer) has taken with our own camera. However, as I am doing with this one, we have some options in terms of using pictures for which we have purchased rights. After a season and a half of Jim Harbaugh losing his mind on the sidelines, I thought a pictorial recap of last night's festivities was in order. You can scroll over each picture to view the accompanying caption I added. They are not wildly hilarious, but I had a good time.

This was inspired by a pair of GIFs that occurred when Marshawn Lynch was ruled down shortly before fumbling the ball deep in Seahawks territory. The Seahawks may have actually recovered the ball, but forward progress should not have been called given how much credit Lynch gets for yards after the first hit. Jim Harbaugh agreed:


Coach Harbaugh certainly gets fired up. He has always been a fiery personality, so none of this should be particularly surprising. Nonetheless, it's interesting to watch him every week.

And of course, that brought us a tightened up GIF of Coach Harbaugh showing the crazy eyes: