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49ers vs. Jets: Dashon Goldson with a huge deflection

We break down Dashon Goldson's key deflection of a Mark Sanchez to Santonio Holmes pass in the 49ers 34-0 victory over the Jets.

Ezra Shaw - Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers defense had numerous highlights during their 34-0 victory over the New York Jets, netting four turnovers and a variety of big hits. However, my favorite defensive play of the game was Dashon Goldson's huge deflection of a Mark Sanchez deep ball to Santonio Holmes. Check out the GIF below (right click to open it up if it is not moving for you).


The 49ers had just taken a 17-0 lead on a Frank Gore rushing touchdown. The Jets got the ball back and had converted a first down on a pair of plays, setting them up at their own 47. Mark Sanchez ran play action and rolled to his right, stepping into a bomb to Santonio Holmes. Dashon Goldson had the coverage on Holmes and stayed with him step-for-step. He jumped and deflected the ball just out of the outstretched arms of Holmes.

The Jets offense scuffled all day long, and seemed unlikely to put together much of anything. While it is possible this might have been the only scoring play for them, a big play like that could have been the tonic that got Sanchez and the offense going. Thankfully the 49ers had no intention of waiting around to see if it would help the Jets offense. The Jets did get a first down two plays later on a Carlos Rogers penalty, but two plays after that, Santonio Holmes fumbled, and Carlos Rogers scooped it up and ran it back for the back-breaking score.

Dashon Goldson is on his second straight one year contract, and he seems to be stepping up his game this year. There have been some coverage question marks in the past, but he has shown some solid improvement in that area. Whether the 49ers re-sign him after this season remains to be seen, but for now, he is putting together a sharp 2012 campaign.