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49ers vs. Seahawks: What to do with Brandon Jacobs

We take a look at Brandon Jacobs' lack of snaps and what it means or doesn't mean for his future with the 49ers.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

The San Francisco 49ers rolled out almost their entire 46-man roster on Thursday in a rough and tumble victory over the Seattle Seahawks. A breakdown of the snap count shows both sides of the ball went deep down the bench. And yet one player was noticeably absent from the game: Brandon Jacobs.

The 49ers activated Jacobs for the first time all season, and he ended up being the only player on the active roster to not get a single snap in the game. 49ers running backs Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter combined for 25 rushes in a game where the run keyed the victory. And yet we did not see Brandon Jacobs get a single snap. We know he isn't a special teams guy, but it seemed like this would have been the kind of game where Jacobs would get some work in.

Earlier this month, Jacobs made some comments about his situation in San Francisco, and subsequently backed off after talking with Jim Harbaugh. In those comments he mentioned about getting himself 100% so he can help the team "in December, January and even February."

I would have to imagine Jacobs is just about 100%, and yet we did not see him on the field. Is this something that will change soon, or is he strictly an insurance policy at this point? Was he activated because the 49ers knew they would be looking to pound the ball against Seattle, and they figured their running backs might get worn down? It was only Jacobs' first active week, so of course we can wait and see what happens in the coming weeks.

For now though, we are left to simply watch and wonder what this all means. This is not meant to be a "let's just dump Brandon Jacobs" thread. I am honestly curious what the role is for Jacobs in the coming weeks. Any thoughts on this?