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NFL Broadcast Maps: A non-49ers Sunday on and around the world

We break down the Sunday NFL schedule on a day the 49ers have a break.


The 49ers have Sunday off thanks to their Thursday Night Football action, which gives us a chance to kick back and just enjoy some football. I suppose if your fantasy football team struggles it is not quite as enjoyable, but without the stress of the 49ers, Sunday is just a day to relax and enjoy some football.

Since the 49ers are not playing, I thought I would still put together a post looking at the various broadcast maps. I will likely be spending most of the day watching my football on the RedZone channel, but for those without RedZone, here are some of your options. If you are in another country, feel free to post what games will be airing on what channels:

United States - via

CBS Morning

  • Ravens vs. Texans is the national morning game showing up in a vast majority of the country
  • Browns vs. Colts is on in much of Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia, as well as the Bay Area for some reason
  • Titans-Bills is making an appearance in most of New York (minus NYC) and in Tennessee and some surrounding areas
  • Blackouts: St. Louis, New York City, and much of the northern half of New Jersey do not get a morning CBS game
CBS Afternoon
  • Jets vs. Patriots is the National Game of the Week for CBS
  • Jaguars vs. Raiders is the only other game and is showing up in northern California and some surrounding states, as well as northern Florida and southern Georgia
FOX morning
  • There are five FOX games in the morning spread all over the place. Cardinals-Vikings takes over the north and northwest part of the country. Redskins Giants takes over much of the northeast. Cowboys-Panthers covers Texas and a big chunk of the southeast
FOX afternoon
  • There is no afternoon game on FOX

Canada - via A Rouge Point

  • Ravens vs. Texans - CTV Ottawa, N. Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC
  • Redskins vs. Giants - CTV Atlantic and Montreal
  • Cardinals vs. Vikings - CTV Winnipeg
  • Titans vs. Bills - CTV Toronto, Kitchener
  • Packers vs. Rams - TSN2
  • Jets vs. Patriots - Citytv; SN East; RDS
  • Jaguars vs. Raiders - SN Ontario, West, Pacific
  • Steelers vs. Bengals - TSN, RDS2

United Kingdom - via NFL UK

Sky Sports: Ravens vs. Texans, Jets vs. Patriots
4: Steelers vs. Bengals
BBC Sport: Lions vs. Bears

Germany - via ESPN America

Ravens vs. Texans
Jets vs. Patriots

ESPN America will re-air games during the day on Monday